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Is an Electric Furnace Better than a Gas Furnace?


Electric furnaces and gas furnaces both have their pros and cons. One isn’t necessarily better than the other in general, although your particular situation might dictate choosing one over the other. But really you’ll have to decide which features you like better in order to select the type of furnace that’s best for you.

For instance, an electric furnace may be an attractive option because of its low maintenance costs. On average, electric furnaces need to be serviced about once every two years, while gas furnaces require yearly service to stay in top condition. Many people also prefer electric furnaces because they feel they’re safer, although today’s gas furnaces are quite safe to operate as well.

Gas furnaces are still the more popular choice, however, because they tend to be cheaper to install and have a higher energy efficiency rating. Electric furnaces do run silently, but the newer gas furnaces run almost as quietly, so there’s really not much difference there. However, electric furnaces do tend to last several years longer on average than a typical gas furnace, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

How do I Choose the Best Heating System for My House?


You will have to consider a lot of different factors when picking out the right heating system for your home. The size and dimensions of your house will figure into the equation, as well as what types of fuel sources are available to you, what type of system you had in place before and what the particular heating needs of your family are.

This is a lot to get a handle on and can get to be pretty overwhelming, particularly if you’ve never had to purchase a new heating system before. In this type of situation, it can be helpful to get some professional advice and guidance so that you can get a better idea of what your options really are. A heating specialist can assist you by walking you through the selection process.

What Is an AFUE Rating?


If you’ve been looking at various types of furnaces, you’ve probably noticed that they all have what’s referred to as an AFUE rating. This number is a reflection of the energy efficiency of the furnace, and will typically be between 80% and 98%. The higher the number, the more energy efficient the furnace is.

Although you should always take the AFUE rating into account when you’re purchasing a furnace, that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily go with the model that has the highest efficiency rating. Depending on your heating needs, an 80% AFUE furnace may be able to get the job done just fine without forcing you to incur the greater costs that come with the higher efficiency models.

How Long do Heating Systems Last?


The amount of time you can expect your heating system to last will depend on what type of system it is. In general, though, it’s safe to say that a new heating system you purchase today will last you 10 to 15 years. Some types of systems, like electric furnaces, can be expected to last a bit longer, but that will largely depend on the type and model of your system. In any case, keeping up with regular maintenance is one way to extend the life of your home heating system.