Duct Repair

While your furnace and air conditioner are critical parts of any complete home comfort system, there are other parts that play important roles as well. Your ductwork in particular is necessary to take the heated or cooled air from your system and move it throughout your house. But, if that ductwork is damaged, starts to leak, or simply isn’t installed properly, you may find yourself in need of duct repair.

When your home comfort system doesn’t work properly and you suspect it may need repairs, contact the duct repair experts at Rush Heating & Cooling for professional service. Our experienced technicians have worked extensively on ductwork — inspecting and diagnosing problems, and quickly making the necessary repairs. With state of the art equipment and years of technical training, you can rest assured that we’ll get your comfort system working again quickly.,/

Do I have a duct problem?

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your home comfort system, you may wonder “Is it a problem in my ductwork or is it something more serious in my heating and air conditioning system?” Luckily, there are some simple things you can look for to help you determine where the problem is located.

The most common sign of a problem in your ductwork is sudden uneven heating or cooling in different rooms of your home. If your living room is still nice and warm in the afternoon but the upstairs bedrooms are freezing despite the setting on your thermostat, the ductwork may not be transferring the heated air upstairs efficiently. It could be a leak in the ducts or something more complicated in your furnace, but in either case you should contact a professional to have it inspected.

Another sign that your ductwork is no longer working properly is a marked increase in your heating or cooling bills. Especially if you have a newer home comfort system, you will rarely notice a loss in heating capacity. These systems are powerful and can keep you comfortable regardless of what the weather is like outside. However, the cost of doing so starts to rise dramatically if there is a leaky or broken duct. Just because your furnace or air conditioner can compensate doesn’t mean you want to pay the extra money on your next energy bill.

Air Quality Problems

Some ductwork problems are related to the comfort level in your home, but in a lot cases, bad or damaged ductwork is the problem. If you have had other service providers working under your house or in your attic where your ductwork is located, you can have a need for repairs. Your duct system should be inspected regularly during routine maintenance or checked if a leak is suspected.

Changing your filters regularly is necessary, but if you notice that your comfort system is working harder than normal or needs excessive filter changes, it may be a sign that your ductwork is in need of repairs.


Duct Repair Experts

It doesn’t matter if you suspect a small leak in your ducts or if you have no idea why your indoor comfort system is operating poorly. When you need someone you can trust to take a closer look at your home ducts, call us. Our team of highly trained technicians have repaired ductwork in Greenwood and the surrounding areas for years and we’d be happy to count you among our many satisfied customers.