Indoor Air Quality

You probably know that there’s plenty of pollution in the air outside. But did you know that there could very well be even more in the air trapped inside your home? In fact government agencies from around the globe have named indoor air pollution as one of the major health risks we all face today. There are many reasons why your indoor air quality may be compromised, but there is something you can do about it. You may not have noticed that the quality of your indoor air was poor to begin with, but you’re sure to notice the difference when you have one of these systems in place to improve it.

Air Ventilation

How did the quality of the air inside your home get so bad to begin with? Well, one of the main reasons that indoor air quality has begun to become such a big problem in recent years is that fact that modern homes are sealed up so tight to maximize energy efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems. With the proliferation of year round temperature control systems, people no longer have a need to open windows to let in fresh air. In fact, it’s in our best financial interests not to have any fresh air coming into the house at all. After all, we’re paying to maintain the comfortable indoor environment and we don’t want to let all of that temperature controlled air escape.

What that means, though, is that these sealed indoor environments that we’ve created also keep all sorts of air contaminants sealed in. Without anywhere else to go, these particles continue to circulate throughout the house, causing all sorts of breathing problems and allergic reactions. They could be anything from smoke odors and gasses to pollen and pet dander. Whatever they are, you need to find a way to get rid of them.

Eliminating Particles & Cleaning Your Air

Luckily, there are now many options for cleaning the air inside our homes. Quite a few different particle trapping technologies have been developed in the last few years precisely for this reason, and depending on the types of particulate contaminants you’re having trouble with, you can select a system that will help to remedy your situation.

These technologies include mechanical air filters, ionization devices and even UV germicidal lights that can kill any bacteria or viruses that pass by them. Each of these devices has their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, mechanical devices like HEPA filters are extremely effective at trapping particles that measure 0.3 microns or larger.

On the other hand, ionizers are more adept at picking out the smaller particles, but can have a harder time with the larger ones. And UV lights are not able to remove any particles at all, but they still serve a very important purpose because of their ability to kill the germs that could make your family sick.

Indoor Air Quality Products & Services

If you think it’s time to invest in one of these great indoor air quality systems, give us a call today. We serve all of Greenwood and the surrounding areas and we can help you pick out just the right product to take care of your indoor air quality problems.

With expert technicians and years of experience, we have everything you need to eliminate those irritating indoor air contaminants. We will provide advice and guidance in choosing an indoor air quality system, and we’ll also install and service the system for you. So don’t wait to pick up the phone and start improving the quality of the air you breathe