Heat Maintenance

Keeping your heating and air conditioning system in good repair isn’t something you probably spend too much time thinking about. But it’s extremely important if you want to be sure you’ll always have heat and air conditioning when you need it. And the best way to do that is to have us perform a thorough check of your entire system. It is extremely important to have the right air conditioning system to keep homes in our area cool and comfortable through those long summer months. But even if you’ve picked out a top of the line model, you’re going to need to take care of it if you want it to keep working at peak efficiency for years to come.

When is Maintenance Needed?

This may seem like a silly step to take if you’ve just gotten a new system installed. After all, why spend more to check a system that’s running great and that you just spent a ton of money to have installed? Well, it’s precisely because you did make such a significant investment when you purchased your system.

It only makes good sense to take good care of a product that was such a big investment, and keeping up with a proper maintenance schedule is the best way to get that done. Just like any other piece of equipment, your heating and air conditioning system will need regular maintenance in order to keep working at its best. Of course, you can always call us to come out and make repairs if your system breaks, but it’s best not to let it get to that point. These maintenance visits really don’t take up much of your time and they’ll wind up saving you a ton in the long run. In fact, there are many benefits to having your system maintenance performed regularly.

The Benefits of Heating and Air Conditioning System Maintenance

First of all, proper maintenance ensures that your system is working as well as possible as it ages. Over time, even the best systems begin to deteriorate and their energy efficiency will gradually decrease. To a certain extent, this loss of efficiency is unavoidable, but with proper maintenance, the drop off will be significantly less over the life of the system.

Another great upside to having someone come out and look over your system is that they’re much more likely to catch potential problems early. In fact, a maintenance technician can stop a problem from developing before it even starts. That’s because they go through every part of your system checking for potential problems and worn out parts.

If they come across anything that needs to be replaced, they can take care of that on the spot and they’ll also clean out any excess debris that may have accumulated over time. These two actions will go a long way towards keeping your system running efficiently and problem-free. Unchecked buildups and worn out parts are two things that can turn into major, expensive problems if not addressed quickly. But a maintenance technician can address these issues before symptoms of a problem are even apparent to you, saving you a lot of trouble and a good deal of money later on down the road.That’s because replacing one worn out part now as part of a regular maintenance visit is much cheaper than having to replace multiple parts later on during an emergency repair visit.

But that’s not the only way that regularly scheduled maintenance saves you money either. In fact, it will also help to keep your monthly energy bills low because your system will continue to function at peak efficiency. Even the best systems lose efficiency from their first year in operation, but with regular maintenance, your system will keep working at the highest possible level. You also may not have to replace your system as quickly if you make sure it’s maintained properly over the years. Many systems can continue to work well even beyond their expected lifespan when they’ve been properly maintained from the beginning.

Begin a Maintenance Schedule Today

It’s never too late to start scheduling regular maintenance visits, even if you have a system that is already a few years old. Something is always better than nothing when it comes to maintenance. You will likely be pleased at the difference a little maintenance can make on your energy bills each month also.

We offer several maintenance programs designed to keep your system up and running over the long term. You can easily schedule an appointment with us for a time that suits your schedule and we’ll have a technician out to complete a thorough Safety and Efficiency inspection.

During these visits, our technicians will examine your system for wear or defects. They’ll check your ducts and refrigerant lines and make sure that there are no hidden problems lurking just below the surface. Beyond that, they’ll also carry out a complete coil cleaning and make sure your refrigerant is still maintained at the proper levels.

While it is a small expense to keep up with these maintenance visits, you’ll surely get your money back several times over through decreased energy bills, fewer emergency repairs and a generally longer life for your heating and air conditioning system. So give us a call today to schedule a maintenance visit or to learn more about the great products and services we offer to customers all over Greenwood and the surrounding areas.